A fictional story about a near tragic event near the local swamp

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Three-day search for lost horse Noah comes to tragic end in swamp near Guelph

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List of swamp monsters

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These terrorists would hit power plants, rail lines, airports, and natural gas pipelines. Three-day search for lost horse Noah comes to tragic end in swamp near Guelph.

Jan 07,  · The Swamp Robber by Paul Hutchens? Amazon indicates that book has a strong religious theme, which is not a part of the book I'm looking for, and it doesn't look like it was published until the late 90s. "There's a real fascination with the story of people solving crimes and getting things figured out." People also were drawn to the book by an interest in history, especially of this country, and the culture and experience of Native Americans, she said.

Inside were the remains of Loraine Pino, 47, of Boca Raton, who once lived near the canal. Five other vehicles were also discovered in the water that day. Pino was a married grandmother who fed the poor and raised money for charitable causes.

She had disappeared Dec. 19, Jun 02,  · Using this description, a sketch published the following day by a local newspaper depicted the scaly entity with a powerful muscular chest, two three-pronged flippers for feet, clawed humanoid hands, six spines on top of its head, a huge pair of pointed ears, a very large pair of flat fish-like eyes, and an equally piscean accademiaprofessionebianca.com: ShukerNature.

A fictional story about a near tragic event near the local swamp
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