Did psy write a song about killing american soldiers

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PSY -- I'm 'Deeply Sorry' for Singing About Killing Americans

Job creation: riot police, military, private security contractors, body guards: these are the bank-fascism domestics, like private Roman guards in end-of-republic decades. He rapped about torturing and killing U.S. soldiers. a video surfaced of the singer calling for the deaths of American soldiers, In the song, Psy raps the following lines.

Psy Rapped About Killing American Troops During Korean Protests, Issues Apology he covered "Deam American," a song by a Korean metal song band called N.E.X.T. I write about movies for. Using a racial slur to accuse Americans of killing Iraqis' family members is still pretty serious, but it's a good deal less so than cheering for listeners to murder American soldiers.

Still, these translations also suggest that we may have been underplaying the slur that the lyrics use to reference Americans.

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Did psy write a song about killing american soldiers
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