Harvard business review how to write an elevator pitch

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Harvard Business Review: A fresh take on the modern elevator pitch

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Helps students develop an elevator pitch for their most important asset—themselves. Before class students are asked to interview a potential employer and to develop preliminary elevator pitches.

Once in class, students work through an exercise that helps them refine their elevator pitches and better understand several key marketing principles. An elevator pitch is a brief e-mail summary of your business. Or a short story that you can tell in the course of a elevator ride.

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“Your Elevator Pitch Needs an Elevator Pitch”, Harvard Business Review “How To Write A Killer Elevator Pitch (Examples Included)”, The Interview Guys There are tons of other articles on how to craft a great pitch and all the many situations when they can be used, but those are some of our favorites.

I present to you, dear reader, Harvard Business School's Elevator Pitch Builder. It's incredibly user-friendly and also explains in a slickly designed template what the different aspects of a pitch are and what its purpose is. Even better, it doesn't allow you to look at any other phase of the pitch other than the one you're working on.

Crafting a Powerful Executive Summary

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Harvard business review how to write an elevator pitch
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