How to write a limerick poem about yourself

How to write a limerick poem?

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General May Writing Prompts: Write a poem about flying a kite using kite shaped poetry templates. Choose a mood to write about. (happy, sad, surprised, angry, frustrated, silly, confused, excited) Make a list of words that describe that feeling or are synonyms with the mood word you chose.

Reading and writing a limerick poem can be fun.

How to Write a Limerick Poem?

It is often funny and humorous, sometimes bawdy or even mean-spirited. It is often funny and humorous, sometimes bawdy or even mean-spirited. Once you learn how to write a limerick, you can write it your own way and decide how dirty you want to make it. A poem — especially one that rhymes — is called verse.

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Seuss wrote in verse, and the regular rhymes of "The Cat in the Hat" helped generations of children learn to read. What is a Sonnet? A sonnet is a specific form of poetry. You may have heard that poetry doesn't have many rules, and that anything can be a poem. But that isn't the case if you want to write a sonnet.

How to write a limerick poem about yourself
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