How to write a protocol for a systematic review

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Writing a protocol for a Cochrane Systematic Review: Athens, Greece

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Systematic Reviews: A How-To Guide

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Systematic Reviews

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A young researcher's guide to a systematic review

Part of the Cochrane Interactive Learning course on Conducting an Intervention Review, this module explains why a review protocol is a crucial step in planning and delivering a systematic review.

This module teaches you about the components of a protocol. Key areas to cover in a review protocol. This section covers the development of the protocol and the information it should contain.

The formulation of the review objectives from the review question and the setting of inclusion criteria are covered in detail here as these must be agreed before starting a review.

REVIEW PROTOCOL TEMPLATE. Recommendation 1. The effectiveness of health professionals’ education and training.

institutions designing and implementing continuous development. programmes for faculty and teaching staff relevant to the evolving health. care needs of their communities. Writing a protocol for a Cochrane Systematic Review: Athens, Greece This is the 5th workshop organized in Athens, Greece by members (authors and editors) of the Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility Group, and the Gynaecological, Neuro-oncology.

Writing Your Protocol Guidance notes for registering a systematic review protocol with PROSPERO This guide outlines the registration process for PROSPERO protocols, including full descriptions of each field on the registration form.

Systematic Review Protocol & Support Template This template is primarily intended to help you plan your review in a systematic way.

Planning to Write

A copy of this completed form will be available via the intranet to help others carrying out reviews in the future and to Writing up “” Version 3, March

How to write a protocol for a systematic review
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Writing a protocol for a Cochrane Systematic Review: Athens, Greece | Cochrane Training