Who were the muckrakers and what did they write about

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The Jungle is a novel written by the American journalist and novelist Upton Sinclair (–). Sinclair wrote the novel to portray the harsh conditions and exploited lives of immigrants in the United States in Chicago and similar industrialized cities.

Who Were The Muckrakers And What Did They Do

His primary purpose in describing the meat industry and its working conditions was to advance socialism in the United States. Slaves did not accept their fate without protest. Many instances of rebellion were known to Americans, even in colonial times.

These rebellions were not confined to the South. In fact, one of the earliest examples of a slave uprising was in in Manhattan. As African Americans in the colonies grew greater and greater in number, there was a justifiable paranoia on the part of the white.

The Cabrini-Green Housing Projects in Chicago, Illinois were some of the most infamous in the country. Decades of poverty and violence rendered them near uninhabitable. Who were "muckrakers", and what impact did they have on American society? Muckrakers exposed big industries such as meat packaging (Sinclair), Standard Oil Company (Tarbell).

This opened the eyes of Americans not only to the conditions of the factories, but the harsh labor (long work days and dangerous conditions). Who were "muckrakers", and what impact did they have on American society?

Muckrakers exposed big industries such as meat packaging (Sinclair), Standard Oil Company (Tarbell). This opened the eyes of Americans not only to the conditions of the factories, but the .

Who were the muckrakers and what did they write about
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