Write about alluvial soil

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NCERT Solutions for Class 9th: Ch 2 Physical Features of India Geography

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What Are the Characteristics of Alluvial Soil?

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Sand soil - this type of soil is known for its large particles and rough texture. It is most commonly found in coastal regions or lakes and oceans. Some deserts are also filled with sand soil.

It is well aerated and allows water to pass through it quickly. Clay soil - this type of soil has the finest particles of all soils. It easily retains water and is most commonly used for modelling or making domestic vessels.

Alluvial soils are by far the largest and the most important soil group of India. Covering about 15 lakh sq km or about per cent of the total land area of the country, these soils contribute the largest share of our agricultural wealth and support the bulk of India’s population. Alluvial soil fans are deposits that form a triangular shape as a result of runoff from moving water, such as a fast-moving stream, canyon or waterfall.

Chapter 8: Groundwater Resource Evaluation

The running water carries the alluvial soil to a flat plan, where it spreads out and changes the flow of water around it. Glaciers in the Great Himalayas — Gangotri, Chaturangi, Bhagirathi, Kharak, Satopanth, Kamet, Milam and Pindari.

Passes in the Great Himalayas — Karakoram pass, Shipkila pass, Nathula, Bomdila pass. 2. The name of the states where highest peaks are located.

Write about alluvial soil
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