Writing about dragons

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7 Things Dungeons & Dragons Taught Me About Storytelling

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These chapters were written out of order using the WordPress Discovery Challenge writing prompts, but below is the Writing Dragons I find dragons for you every week while I write my novel Finding Dragons.

Apr 09,  · Last week saw the UK publication of THE NEW AGE, the conclusion of my Erth Dragons trilogy. I’ve been telling anyone who’s interested that after nearly twenty years of writing about dragons, this is my last book on the subject.

I’ll find a writing quote and a dragon every fourth week for an inspirational post, and include an update on my writing progress for the month and what my goals are for the month ahead.

I’ll be using my extra time in the first and third weeks of the month to actually work on my novel. My name is Jamie Lyn Weigt.

I am a paralegal by day and a writer by night always, and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my husband and our many cats. I'm a proud geek and feminist who loves binge-watching television shows, playing video games and board games with friends, riding my hybrid road bike on trails.

My years of experience as a Dungeon Master have taught me many valuable lessons, and many of those lessons are specifically applicable to my writing. Here are the seven most significant storytelling lessons I learned from playing Dungeons and Dragons.

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Writing about dragons
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